The Advanced LHA Mentoring Package

Investing in Advanced LHA Properties: Objectives/Goals: Conceptually and practically, learning about the housing benefit sector in general and advanced LHA in particular is time-consuming BUT lucrative. By the end of the mentoring you will have very thorough knowledge and insight into buying and running advanced LHA properties in your area of interest.

What it covers:

  • The basics of Welfare Benefits

  • The housing benefit market

  • An understanding of the LHA (housing benefit) system & rates

  • An in-depth analysis of how advanced LHA can be applied to maximise profits

  • Guidance on sourcing of suitable properties

  • Guidance on viewing suitable properties & making offers

  • Developing systems for marketing, procedures for vetting & property management

  • Support & Provision of paperwork to maximise rents & getting direct payments

  • Overview of future developments in the LHA sector

The Duration:
The duration of the Advanced LHA Mentoring Program is 4 days undertaken within a 6 month period ( “fair usage” email & phone support during a 12 month period)

The Structure: This will be personalised to individual needs and individual ways of working

  • 3 days Face-2-Face with Mentor on “Your Patch”

  • 1 day Face-2-Face Intensive Mentors Location

  • 12 x 60 minutes skype calls in 12 month period

  • “Fair Usage” email and phone support for 12 months

  • Unlimited Q & A in 12-month period