The HMO Mentoring Package

By the end of the mentoring you will have very thorough knowledge & insight into buying and running an HMO in your area of interest. If you totally commit and make a real effort during the mentoring, you may have acquired your 1st HMO (assuming a suitable property has been located)

What it covers:

  • Overview of the HMO sector

  • Different models of HMOs tenancy to ascertain the best one for you

  • How to Source the ideal HMOs; Financial analysis of HMOs

  • Visiting & viewing HMOs & making offers

  • Developing systems to manage the HMOs (including advertising, vetting)

  • HMO legislation to make sure you get it right

  • Provision of necessary paperwork to run HMOs successfully

The Duration: The duration of the HMO Mentoring Program is 2 days undertaken within a 4 month period (“fair usage” email & phone support during the 4 month period)

The Structure:This will be personalised to individual needs and individual ways of working

  • 1 day Face-2-Face with Mentor on “Your Patch”

  • 1 day Face-2-Face at the Mentors Location including viewing his portfolio

  • 4 x 60 minutes Zoom calls in 4 month period

  • “Fair Usage” email and phone support

  • Unlimited Q & A in 4-month period